COVID Recovery Iowa helps ease re-entry anxiety

Amid the ongoing pandemic, COVID Recovery Iowa is still here to help Iowans as they head back to school, work, places of worship, and the day to day of their lives.

“As everyone begins to reengage on a larger level, there is a definite need to remind people we’re here to coach and support Iowans emotionally through this transition,” says Karen Hyatt, Emergency Mental Health Specialist for the Iowa Department of Human Services. “This past year has not been the same as recovering from a flood or tornado, although how people feel in the aftermath and beyond is very similar. Stress, uncertainty and anxiety reactions exist on a continuum of needs for a variety of reasons. Everyone finds themselves in a different place it just depends on where people are in their lives. We can help guide and support people to a place of emotional wellness.”

What can Iowans do to get through the transition time?

  • Recognize how you’re feeling and the emotion.
  • Reclaim your sense of wellbeing (physical and emotional).
  • Reconnect to people, places, and things that made you feel like you and bring you joy.

COVID Recovery Iowa is for all Iowans who have been impacted in any way by the COVID-19 pandemic or the Derecho. In addition to support groups, activities, and resources, COVID Recovery Iowa offers free confidential virtual counseling and emotional support to all Iowans.

Call the Iowa Concern Line, 800-447-1985 or 844-775-WARM (9276) and ask to connect with a COVID Recovery Iowa counselor or visit and fill out a contact form.



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