COVID activity drops statewide as nearly half of Iowans complete vaccinations

Travis Fischer

A sustained drop in the spread of COVID-19 has Governor Kim Reynolds optimistic that the worst of the pandemic is behind us.

“Positive cases are the lowest that they’ve been in 10 months,” said Reynolds during a press conference on Wednesday, May 12. “Life really is getting back to normal, and all around us there are more signs of it.”

With cases dropping and nearly 50% of the adult population vaccinated, Reynolds is looking towards a post pandemic world, particularly as the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for younger Iowans, further increasing the population of vaccinated people.

As of Sunday, May 16, 1,265,610 Iowans have completed their vaccine series, increasing the total vaccinated population by 73,458. This includes 1,164,344 completing their two-dose series and another 101,266 receiving a single dose vaccination.

In total, the state has administered 2,606,205 doses of vaccine since they were made available. This includes 1,136,064 doses of Moderna; 1,368,875 doses of Pfizer; and 101,266 doses of Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

As of Sunday, there have been 369,433 individuals positive with COVID-19 in the state, increasing the 367,717 total from the week prior by 1,716, continuing the steady drop in cases seen over the last few weeks.

The state has performed a total of 4,954,790 tests on 1,741,786 individuals since the pandemic began, including 3,191,105 PCR tests and 1,763,685 antigen tests. In the last week, the state has processed 36,969 PCR tests and 26,151 antigen tests.

In the last week, 12% of new cases have been among the elderly (age 80+), 15% among older adults (60-79); 25% among middle aged adults (40-59); 42% among young adults (18-39); and 4% among children.

124,290 Iowans have undergone serology testing for coronavirus antibodies, which would indicate that they have had the virus. Of that number, 23,499, about 19%, have tested positive for antibodies.

Of the 680 individuals tested in the last week, 176 of them (22%) have tested positive.

Hospitalizations saw another drop this week, with 137 hospitalized as of Sunday, a decrease of 32 from the week prior. Severe cases requiring an ICU also dropped slightly, down to 41.

Reported deaths dropped again over the last week, with the state reporting 21 new deaths bringing the total to 6,006.

In total, approximately 3,499 elderly (58.26%); 2,076 older adults (34.57%), 379 middle aged adults (6.31%), 49 young adults (.82%), and at least one child (.05%) have died from the virus since the pandemic began.

The state has also reported 14 additional deaths from long term care facilities, bringing the total to 2,337.

One long term care facility in the state remains under outbreak conditions, with 10 cases reported among residents and staff.



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