Wind farm on track for March operation

Alliant Energy is testing the 81 wind turbines that make up the new Golden Plains Wind Farm in the Buffalo Center, Lakota and Rake area, before commercial operation of the wind farm begins at the end of March.

The Golden Plains Wind Farm is nearly complete, following a year of construction in northwest Winnebago County and northeast Kossuth County. The 200MW wind farm is scheduled to begin commercial operation at the end of March, according to Alliant Energy.

Justin Foss, Strategic Project Manager for Alliant, says they had to work through some weather challenges, particularly in early 2019, but the project remains on track for its scheduled operation date of March 30.

Foss says the new wind farm will help Alliant provide clean energy for their customers. All energy generated by the Golden Plains Wind Farm will go on the electrical grid for Alliant customers.

Read the full article in the March 18 edition of the Buffalo Center Tribune.