Wading pool gets long-awaited updates

Contractors working with Sawatzky’s Pool, Inc from Mankato, MN poured a new surface for the wading pool at the B.C. Swimming Pool on August 1 and 2.

The wading pool at the Buffalo Center Swimming Pool got an overhaul at the beginning of August, as Sawatzky Pools, Inc. from Mankato, MN resurfaced the floor of the pool. Sawatzky’s came back last week to install a new pump and filter, and the wading pool is now up and running.

Some work still remains to be done after the pool closes for a year, including the addition of a handicap-accessible lift for the wading pool, plus a new heater for the main pool.

The cost of all these improvements has been covered for the City thanks to generous donations from the community over the past few years, including a major fundraising event held in 2016 called “Club 29”.

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