Stensrud pleads not guilty to intoxication charges By Andrew Shaw

Winnebago County Supervisor Mike Stensrud will face a jury trial after entering a not guilty plea last week to charges of public intoxication and possession or carrying of a dangerous weapon while under the influence.

Stensrud, of Lake Mills, who serves as District 2 supervisor, was charged by the Forest City Police Department on May 21 after authorities responded to a call about a possibly intoxicated person at the Winnebago County Courthouse. An officer spoke with Stensrud after that morning’s supervisor meeting adjourned, and the officer smelled alcohol. Stensrud submitted to two alcohol breath tests, which gave readings of .09 and .097. Authorities say a cup Stensrud had at the meeting also smelled of alcohol. In addition, the officer found that Stensrud was carrying a pistol at the time.

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