Snow piling up in northern Iowa

Al Langfald and Tyler and Clayton Henn clear snow off the roof of Timely Mission Nursing Home last Monday afternoon. Langfald says there were probably seven feet of snow that had drifted up on the roof. Gary Peterson used a skid loader to help the guys get a snow blower up there, but since the snow was so high, Langfald says they had to use shovels for most of the work. Langfald returned on Tuesday to continue moving snow off the roof.

Last week was a busy time for road crews and residents alike, as northern Iowa dug its way out from a blizzard during the last weekend in February. Up to 15 inches of snow were reported in the Buffalo Center area, where it took several days to get all the streets cleared for traffic.

Buffalo Center Mayor John Davids says city crews spent four days last week on the streets, including eight hours just to clear out the four blocks of the business district.

The City’s usual spots for dumping snow are nearing capacity, including the parking lot at the swimming pool and site of the old mill by the elevator. If Buffalo Center receives another large snowfall, Davids says the City has arranged to dump snow at the wheat field in the south part of town. Drivers need to be extra careful at intersections in town, due to snow that’s piling up along the streets and limiting visibility. Davids says the City is working to get the snow pushed back as best they can, but they’re also concerned with keeping snow cleared away from fire hydrants.

Public works employees Zac Ree, John Burke, Larry Heyes and Scott Armstrong got some extra help clearing out the huge snowfall, thanks to Josh Murra, Chris Berggren, Travis Tjarks and Dan Quamme. “Those guys just did one fantastic job,” said Davids. “I’ve got to take my hat off to Zac and John. They’re take charge guys – they see a problem and they solve it. The City is very fortunate to have them working for them.”

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