School puts PPEL funds to use

The school spent $43,000 of PPEL funds this past year to replace two pickups with a new truck and snow plow.

The North Iowa Community School District was able to make several updates to its facilities last year, thanks to the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) approved by voters in 2017. Last year was the first year the school collected revenue through the new 10-year levy, and the funds are specifically set aside for things like construction and improvement projects and vehicles.

The most expensive project PPEL money went toward was reroofing of the middle school section of the building this past summer. The school hired Midwest Roofing for the $280,000 project, which replaced the rock and black rubber with a Securock membrane that screws into the metal decking of the roof.

The sloping of the roof was also redone to fix leaks around the air units. Head custodian Larry Lawson says the new roof should be good for about 40 years, and a special coating will be added after 15 years to extend the warranty.

Another big project was replacing the “head unit” computer system that manages heating and cooling of the 2003 building addition and the wellness center. A new control unit was installed in the basement, along with two smaller units upstairs, and each classroom got a new variable air volume (VAV) unit to allow for better temperature control in each room. That project was completed in the spring and cost $55,000.

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