School looks at reopening Wellness Center

Andrew Shaw

The Wellness Center at North Iowa Community School could reopen to members as early as next Monday, with a limit on the number of people allowed in the building.

North Iowa Supt. Joe Erickson says new state guidelines allow them to open the Wellness Center at 50% capacity, and he’d like to reopen the building to adult members. In order to maintain a safe distance between members, he says they’re looking at allowing no more than 10 people in the upstairs and another 10 people in the downstairs of the building at one time.

Not all pieces of Wellness Center equipment will be available to use, in order to keep people spread out. For example, Erickson says they may only open two of the four treadmills for use. Members will need to wipe down equipment both before and after use.

The gymnasium would also be available for use, but Erickson says people will need to bring their own gym equipment, such as basketballs.

Members are asked not to use the Wellness Center if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Erickson says students wanting to use the Wellness Center will need to prearrange that with a coach. The same rules will apply to students – with no more than 10 people allowed upstairs and 10 people downstairs at one time.

Erickson says students involved in athletics have previously been expected to take part in a weight lifting program, but that requirement has been suspended at this time. He says they don’t want to push students into using the weight room if they don’t feel safe doing so or if they are not feeling well.

Erickson hopes to finalize plans for reopening the Wellness Center this week and to send out a message to members next week.



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