School expands extracurricular offerings with eSports

North Iowa High School will offer a new activity for students beginning this February, as the school board voted to add eSports as an extracurricular activity during its January 21 meeting.

Supt. Joe Erickson says the program will involve a videogame component, which the school hopes will interest some students who are not involved in other things. Next Generation Technologies will help to facilitate the new program and has offered to pick up the bill for coaching and equipment for the first year. “That is a huge blessing for us,” said Erickson.

Brian Blodgett of NGT explains that participants will play a computer game called League of Legends. He says it’s a strategy game, with a focus on building, positioning and collecting resources. He says games will be played online, so students won’t need to travel, and they will communicate using headsets. Dylan Balvance of NGT will serve as the coach for the program.

The new activity will be coed, with both boys and girls invited to participate. Erickson says they plan to use the school’s new Maker Space for the activity.

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