School bids farewell to departing staff

Longtime North Iowa High School secretary Vicki Berschman, left, and school transportation director Kim Davids are among the retirees this year at North Iowa Community School. Not pictured are retiring staff members Bev Brooker and Carroll VanHove.

Teachers leaving North Iowa this year to pursue other opportunities include, from left: Jennifer Pope, Jeff Cook, Amy Cook, Chelsey Shreeve, Jennifer Lawson, Melinda Eichenberger, Graig Eichenberger and Jim Sundberg.

     North Iowa Community School held a reception for about dozen retiring and departing staff members last Wednesday, May 31. Four staff members have opted for retirement, while eight others will move on to new opportunities.

     The retiree with the longest career at North Iowa is Vicki Berschman, who has served as a school secretary for 41 and a half years. She has also served as cheerleading advisor for several years, as well as helping with the yearbook.

     Kim Davids is the other full-time staff member retiring this year, and he has been at North Iowa for 20 years. His titles include transportation director, groundskeeper and head custodian.

     Part-time staff members retiring include bus driver Carroll VanHove, who has been with the school for 27 years, and custodian Bev Brooker, who has worked at North Iowa for nine years.

     The eight teachers who are leaving for other jobs include two couples. Band director Jeff Cook has been with the school for 20 years, and his wife, Amy Cook, has served as vocal instructor at the school for 11 years. Amy also spent time as the middle school band director at the school.

     Elementary teachers Graig and Melinda Eichenberger are also leaving. Graig has taught at North Iowa for 12 years, and he has coached football (12 years), baseball (15 years) and track (eight years). Melinda has taught at North Iowa Elementary for six years.

     Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Lawson is leaving her classroom after six years teaching full-time and two years serving as a substitute teacher. Jim Sundberg is giving up his post as the Spanish instructor at North Iowa for grades 7-12.

     Middle school social studies teacher Chelsey Shreeve is departing after two years at North Iowa, where she was also a coach for speech and the fall play. High school science teacher Jennifer Pope is also leaving after one year at the school.