Quasqui Committee plans to bring home a piece of BC history

The soda fountain that used to be a fixture of the pharmacy in Buffalo Center may soon be returning to town, thanks to the efforts of the Buffalo Center Quasquicentennial Committee. If enough money can be raised, the plan is to put the soda fountain in a corner of the banquet hall at the Heritage Town Center.

     An icon from decades ago is hopefully making its way back to Buffalo Center. The soda fountain, which was first in Snell’s Drug Store and stayed through the years when Bestes and Millers owned the building, will be housed in the Heritage Town Center if funds can be raised.

     The 2017 Quasquicentennial Committee is spearheading the project with the money left over from sales and donations during the 2017 celebration. The Committee voted to use the remaining funds, about $12,000, to try to buy back the soda fountain, which was purchased by Bill Soderlund of St. Peter, MN, in 2003 and housed in his pharmacy there. That pharmacy has now closed, and Mr. Soderlund is willing to sell the soda fountain back to the town for $20,000.

     The additional money hopefully can be raised by donations and grants. Checks can be made out to the 2017 Quasqui Committee and sent to Jo Steffensen, Treasurer, at Bison Graphics, PO Box 376, Buffalo Center, IA 50424.

     The Buffalo Center City Council recently approved the location of the soda fountain in the Heritage Town Center, and the Quasqui Committee members are working to solicit the rest of the funding, which would include expenses related to moving the heavy fountain back to BC.