Olsons receive goats through Share-A-Kid program

Sisters Elizabeth and Alyssa Olson are both the recipients of Nigerian Dwarf doeling, thanks to the Iowa Dairy Goat Association, Little Dickens Farm of Cedar Falls, and Black Eagle Ranch of Shell Rock. From left are Mya Kiefer and Erica Kiefer of Little Dickens Farm, Elizabeth Olson, Alyssa Olson, and Pat Blank of Black Eagle Ranch.

     Elizabeth and Alyssa Olson of Buffalo Center will be preparing two female goats to be shown at their county fair this summer. Depending how they do, they may even earn a trip to the State Fair. The sisters were awarded the animals through the Iowa Dairy Goat Association’s (IDGA) Share-A-Kid program.

     The girls each wrote an application and were chosen by the IDGA for this award. The Share-A-Kid program provides the opportunity for youth to own a registered dairy goat kid. Applicants submit essays and other supportive material to win a doeling. Doelings are donated by IDGA members, and a selection committee determines the winners. Elizabeth and Alyssa were each awarded a Nigerian Dwarf doeling by Black Eagle Ranch Nigerians of Shell Rock, in cooperation with Little Dickens Farm of Cedar Falls.

     The girls are the daughters of Derek and Robin Olson of Buffalo Center, and they have shown a number of other animals, including horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and market whether goats. Robin says the girls are excited to have does that they’ll get to keep, since they have to part with the market goats every year. The family recently moved here from Minnesota, and the girls are currently members of the Hayward 4-H Club in Freeborn County, MN.

     For more information about the IDGA Share-A-Kid program, visit www.iowadairygoat.org/share-a-kid-program