New year, new services at Buffalo Center Chiropractic

Dr. Jerry Wiedemeier demonstrates the new spinal decompression therapy table at Buffalo Center Chiropractic Clinic, with help from his wife, Judy. The new therapy is designed to relieve pressure on the back or neck.

Dr. Jerry Wiedemeier has a new option available for people suffering from back or neck pain, as Buffalo Center Chiropractic Clinic now offers spinal decompression therapy.

Also known as traction therapy, this new option is designed to be a pain-free alternative for relieving pain resulting from things like bulging discs or osteoarthritis.

Wiedemeier performs spinal decompression therapy by using a special adjustable table, paired with a machine that uses a cable to gently pull on the hips or the head to relieve pressure. “It’s designed to nurse the discs and joints so the body can do healing,” said Wiedemeier.

A built-in computer controls several cycles of stretching and relaxation during each session, as it can deliver up to 65 pounds of traction, depending on the patient’s needs. The table is set up in different configurations to target either the back or the neck, and treatment sessions last about 15 minutes.

Dr. Wiedemeier says the therapy helps the joints and discs by allowing new oxygenated fluids to get inside to nourish them. “It’s like squishing a sponge,” said Wiedemeier. “Discs love water. By tractioning, it draws water and fluids into the disc.”

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