Middle school football team goes 5-0

Members of the undefeated 2019 football team at North Iowa Middle School

The North Iowa seventh and eighth grade football team had a perfect season this fall, as they went 5-0. The middle schoolers recorded wins this year over GTRA, Bishop Garrigan, West Bend-Mallard, Northwood-Kensett, and Harris Lake Park. Stats for the season include: Passing – Brogyn Greensky 352 yards, 6 TDs; Charlie Schaefer 26 yards.

Receiving – Jeff Gerber 140 yards, 3 TDs; Charlie Schaefer 112 yards, 1 TD; Anthony Eisele 65 yards, 2 TDs; Jamison Kramersmeier 26 yards; Carson Frerichs 15 yards.

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