Iowa Legislature begins 2020 session

State Senator Dennis Guth, left, and State Representative Tedd Gassman

The Iowa Legislature is back at work in Des Moines, as the 2020 session kicked off on Monday, Jan. 13. Representing the Buffalo Center area’s interests in the legislature once again this year are Rep. Tedd Gassman of Scarville and Sen. Dennis Guth of Klemme.

Rep. Gassman says the budget will be a top priority again this session. “I will not spend more than we take in, and I will not spend one-time money for ongoing costs,” said Gassman. “The way I see this, we need to spend less than we receive.”

Gassman says the revenue estimate from the Legislative Service Bureau for FY21 may be higher than the state actually receives, and if there is a shortfall, it could result in a de-appropriation. “It is difficult to reduce a budget after telling someone a larger amount would be coming their way,” said Gassman.

Sen. Guth thinks tax cuts will be a priority again this year. He says cuts made in the last couple of years are working, and revenues for the state are up. “Business has really responded to lower tax rates, and corporate tax revenues are up as a result,” said Guth. “The bill we passed had some cuts not kicking in until trigger levels were hit, and we are now approaching those levels. I think Republicans will push to have the next round of cuts implemented.”

Other topics Gassman sees as priorities include mental health and addressing issues with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) reimbursing care-givers on a timely basis.

See full story in the January 15 edition of the Buffalo Center Tribune.