Installation service for Pastor Jonathan Faulkner

Pastor Jonathan Faulkner, right, was installed as pstor of First Congregational Church in Buffalo Center on Sunday, June 30. Officiating at the service was Dr. Ron Hamilton. 

First Congregational Church of Buffalo Center celebrated the installation of its new pastor with a special service the afternoon of Sunday, June 30. Pastor Jonathan Faulkner was officially installed as the church’s new pastor, as Dr. Ron Hamilton from the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) officiated.

Faulkner says the installation service recognizes a covenant between himself and the congregation. Guest clergy at the service included Faulkner’s father, Pastor David Faulkner of Harrisonville Presbyterian Church in Harrisonville, OH. Local pastors and a pastor from Des Moines also attended.

Although he grew up as the son of a pastor, Faulkner says he originally wanted nothing to do with becoming a pastor himself. It was through his work at a homeless shelter in inner-city Denver, CO that he first felt the call to the ministry.

After college, he pastored at a small church in Stafford, KS for a couple of years, and that experience further solidified his calling. He attended seminary, and the affirmation of his professors and the pastors he worked under there confirmed to him that God was calling him to the ministry. “The more I enjoyed it, the more I felt called to it,” said Faulkner.

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