Hunting with Heroes warms hearts in eighth year

Ele Willard presents quilts made by the Heartwarmers Quilt Guild to the Wounded Warriors during the Sunday, Nov. 11 banquet at the Lakota Eagle Center. (Photo by Andrew Shaw)

Fingers tingled, toes numbed, and as temperatures headed below freezing, the invisible warmth of love and patriotism found a way to warm hearts, minds and extremities. While this may have been the eighth year of “Hunting with Heroes,” a successful 501C3 charity from Lakota, there was something that seemed different this year.

With disagreement, discord and division seemingly on daily offer in our day-to-day lives across the USA, it is only in a common goal such as support of our Wounded Warriors that one can experience the most human of emotions: faith, hope, love, gratitude, friendship, patriotism, and community before self. This was evident with this year’s iteration of the local community gathering “Hunting with Heroes” that focusses on the emotional and physical healing of our Wounded Warriors as well as local veterans.

While the event was similar in many ways to previous years, it also seemed different in many ways. The interaction with the visiting Wounded Warriors from the early morning hunts, to the late-night drinks, and everything in between, this year felt different. While every year has seemingly built and grown in success, this year was warmer, closer, more intimate, and more touching than ever before.

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