Hunting with Heroes to share new gifts with community

Jason Becker, who organizes Hunting with Heroes each year along with his dad, Bernie Becker, addresses a crowd gathered at the Becker farm last Tuesday morning for the donation of a new UTV and trailer for Hunting with Heroes.

Support for the Hunting with Heroes in Lakota continues to grow during the organization’s ninth year, and the latest contributions to the group will help to ensure the safety of the veterans and volunteers who take part in their annual events each year, including the Hunting with Heroes weekend that surrounds Veterans Day.

Last week, the group received donations of a new CAT Utility Vehicle and an Aluma Trailer that will be used to transport it. The donations were made possible thanks to local support from MaxYield Cooperative, the Kossuth County Community Foundation, the Land O’Lakes Foundation and the CoBank Foundation, as well as Caterpillar Inc, Ziegler CAT and Aluma Trailers.

Hunting with Heroes organizer Jason Becker says the UTV will make it easier to get in and out of the fields during the annual pheasant hunt, and it will be utilized throughout the year at various events. The use of the UTV is especially important if there should be some sort of problem or emergency. Jason says the veterans they host often have injuries that make walking more difficult, and many of their volunteers are also older, so the UTV will be a nice addition for the events organized by the 501(c)(3) charity based in Lakota.

While support of the hunt is the primary need for the UTV, it will also be used for habitat creation for the annual hunts, as the unit will be available to assist landowners and sponsors in preparation of hunting land for the annual hunt if needed for habitat creation, food plot creation, and in hunt prep. “We are fortunate to have fantastic landowners that donate amazing hunting land, and we hope to be able to help them in their operations if the UTV can be of assistance.”  Another one of the main uses of the UTV will be for transporting people at the Hunting with Heroes Veterans Day banquet, as well as their annual veterans’ event at the Kossuth County Speedway.

With Hunting with Heroes hosting events spread throughout the year, they indicated that their hope is for the UTV to be available to community groups to use as well. If there’s ever an emergency in a remote area, Jason says they want the sheriff, fire and ambulance departments to be able to use the UTV, or for Hunting with Heroes to be able to assist them in those matters. The hope is also that the unit can be utilized in conjunction with veterans’ groups for local activities, parades, and events that support local veterans and wounded warriors. This plan is currently being created, and the approach will be further solidified based upon the ability to receive insurance for such a plan and for such uses.   

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