Halloween party and food drive Sunday

All area kids and their families are invited to attend the annual North Iowa Betterment Halloween Party, scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 27 from 3-4:30 p.m. at the Heritage Town Center in Buffalo Center. Wear your costume and come out for an afternoon of games, prizes, and food.

This year’s party will feature “Trunk-or-Treat” for kids who want to get a head-start on their trick-or-treating or who can’t make it for Buffalo Center’s trickor- treat night on October 31.

Food available at Sunday’s party will include tacos in a bag, nachos and popcorn, and naturally there will also be Halloween candy.

NIB Director Beth Matheson says there will be a couple new games for kids to play, as NIB looks to add new things every year. The party will also feature a “Spooky Corner”, and a parade of costumes will be held toward the end of the event.

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