City wants highway traffic to slow down

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Office installed a portable radar sign on the east end of Buffalo Center last Thursday, in an effort to slow down the increased truck traffic coming through town.

Construction of the new Golden Plains Wind Farm has brought more truck traffic to Highway 9, and the City of Buffalo Center wants drivers to observe the posted 30 mph speed limit when coming through town.

The Buffalo Center City Council discussed the issue during its monthly meeting on June 12, and Buffalo Center Police Chief Matt Holmquist says he’s been spending more time watching the highway and issuing tickets.

Holmquist says he stopped at least half a dozen vehicles for speeding on his first day of stepping up enforcement, and he notes there are a lot of different contractors coming through town due to the wind farm.

Councilwoman Deb Wirth said she spoke with someone from the Iowa Department of Transportation who suggested writing tickets, adding flashing radar speed limit signs that display a vehicle’s speed, and/or adding crossing lines on the highway with a portable “yield to pedestrians” sign.

Holmquist said Lake Mills recently purchased three radar signs at a cost of $3,400 each. Mayor John Davids asked about lowering the speed limit on the highway, but Holmquist said he wouldn’t suggest lowering it below the current 30 mph.

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