BC VAC looks to combine EMS resources

The Buffalo Center Volunteer Ambulance Corps will reach out to surrounding communities about the possibility of pooling resources to continue providing timely ambulance service to the area.

Members of the ambulance crew discussed the idea with the Buffalo Center City Council at their July 10 meeting, as VAC vice-president Paul Armstrong explained that the crew is short-staffed after president Tom Holland had to step down due to health reasons.

Armstrong says the ambulance needs help; in the forms of both money and volunteers. Right now, the ambulance crew has about four volunteers who can respond to emergency calls during the day, but those are people who need to leave their jobs to do so. Armstrong says they’d like to be able to pay a full-time EMT or a paramedic who can consistently respond to calls during the day.

As far as what that would cost, VAC member Joe Klukow says they’re looking at paying $160 a day, and there would be a range of duties that person could perform.

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