BC Ambulance gets support from Thompson Charities

Thompson Charities President Adolph Swenson, right, presents a $2,000 donation to Janell Martini of the Buf- falo Center Ambulance.

The Buffalo Center Ambulance is the beneficiary of a $2,000 check from Thompson Charities, as the organization wanted to honor the ambulance crew for their continued service to the Thompson area. The ambulance service has been seeking support for the past several months, as it looks to address a critical shortage of volunteers.

Thompson Charities, Inc. was officially established on June 2, 1999, when Adolph Swenson, Dr. L. V. Johanson, Lawrence “Red” Lodin, Keith Finer, and Dean Farland signed the final documents creating the organization. Thomp- son Charities was declared a nonprofit corporation under Chapter 388 of the Iowa Code of Law and was declared a Federal tax-exempt 5-1c3 entity.

The original Board of Directors included Swenson, Jo- Hanson, Lodin, Finer, Farland, Irven Olsen, Larry Charleson, Mike Tweed, and Gary Larson.

One of the first projects undertaken by the newly formed Thompson Charities was the creation of a disaster shelter in city hall and access to electrical power through a generator located by Heartland Power.

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